I am Haley Brooke.


I am Haley Brooke. If you’re reading this, chances are you know me or have heard me sing before, but for those of you who don’t know me…allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a singer, songwriter and musician, and I have the honor and privilege of making a living doing what I love:). I am from and currently live in Shreveport, Louisiana. It’s a city in the northwest corner of “the boot,” and it’s where I’ve been given opportunities time and time again to sharpen and mold my gifts, and GET PAID to do it-literally a dream job! No place is perfect, and Shreveport definitely has its issues, but it will forever have a special place in my heart for allowing me room to start and grow as an artist.

The church, however, is where I fell in love with music. I remember singing in our children’s choir on stage as early as 5 years old (hopefully I’ve improved a little bit since those days). It gave me a platform and space to learn all I could. I watched and observed, had opportunities to participate: I absorbed it all like a sponge. I have Uncle Teddy (my childhood church's worship pastor...and adopted Uncle) to thank for my soulful sound-introducing me to gospel music from an early age. The chords. The crazy, impressive runs. The melodies. I was hooked. I am thankful that I attended a diverse church where I was able to not only learn gospel music, but be exposed to other types as well. To this day, when asked my favorite venue, my answer is whichever church I’m singing at that week. I know it’s not the type of venue being referenced, but it’s where my heart lies.

My love of singing led to me begging my parents for piano lessons around age 6. It became a daddy-daughter date night every Wednesday, which consisted of Taco Bell and then participating in a group piano lesson. I know, hella healthy. My mom had to fill in once when my dad couldn’t attend, and, afterwards, swore she’d not be doing that again haha (a story for another time). I started "seriously" writing songs around age 10. I even started a couple of “bands." None of them lasted. Shocking, right? I was too bossy, even as a 5th grader, and I demanded perfection. Just if my singing and songwriting was perfect.

Anyways, fast forward to 2020. I’ve been performing full-time for 6 years now. I love my life. I’ve been through some things in the 25 years since I was the 5-year-old discovering a love for music: some of it directly related to the music industry (another story for another time), some of it just life happenings, health struggles, heart breaks, and a lot of finding myself, realizing who I am and accepting it. What I can tell you is that three things have helped me get through it all: Jesus, people and music. Both my own songwriting and the songs of others. It's an outlet. It's therapeutic. Both ways. I'd call you a liar if you say you've never listened to Adele or early Taylor Swift after you've had a break up and didn't feel like the song was coming from your own heart (come on now, we've all been there lol). Not everyone has the ability to write how they feel or what they're going through; I want to be that outlet for someone else.

Music is so powerful. It’s universal. It’s interracial. It breaks boundaries of all types. It ignores all the rules. It penetrates the heart and mind in a way that nothing else on this earth can. It can determine our mood and affect our experience. It’s a beautiful, powerful thing. One of my favorite moments while singing is seeing its emotive power firsthand. Watching someone smile while I'm singing something that takes them back to the "good ole days" or the song played for a couple's first dance at their's just so amazing, the connectivity that music brings. I can't even imagine a world without music. It helps us feel. It helps us heal. And I believe those of us who’ve been given the gift to create and produce it have a responsibility to use it for good. That’s my goal. To create music that’s clean, fun and uplifting, as well as address real life struggles I’ve had, that probably most of us. To relate to/connect with the person who thinks he or she is the only one who ________ (fill in the blank). Naw. We’re all in this thing called life together. And regardless of how perfect someone's life's not. Nobody gets out without scars, and if I can help just one person, it makes it all worth it. Creating music is a passion of mine, and it's truly an honor and a privilege. There have been many bumps and detours along the way, but I'm so ready to really put myself out there. I can't wait for the world to hear my heart.

BTS "One of These Days" 2018

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